We look at things differently. With a career’s worth of knowledge in design and a variety of creative pursuits, we look at problems with very different lens than most other consultants. We love complex problems and strongly believe that often the bigger the challenge, the greater the opportunity!

We pull the issue apart and put it back together in different ways.

With diverse experience in Architecture, Master Planning, Urban Design, Property Development and Building - Fairweather Architecture has a unique understanding of many different aspects of property. We work with a diverse network of consultants and advisers that can quickly give insights and ideas on almost any issues around property if it is outside our skill set.

We approach property projects from a creative perspective, not a reactive one.

If a strategy requires design input, Fairweather Architecture may be able to assist. Or if it is not within our area of expertise, we can introduce to a firm that can.

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BRIEFING & Discovery

We seek to understand not just your property requirements and vision, but also to understand how your property brief fits in with your business model and expectations. We ask the right and often the difficult questions.

We so often get this response. “That is an excellent question, and no-one has ever asked me that before.”

Pragmatic & creative thinking

Our approach is to pull apart the problem and tease out all the issues, then look at it from a different point of view. We apply pragmatic and creative thinking in equal parts to explore as many options as possible.

We quickly switch from generating new ideas, to critical evaluation and back again, whilst always keeping in mind the clients brief.

STRATEGIES & options

Design and build solutions are not always the correct strategy for a property problem.

Fairweather Property Thinking takes a broad approach to explore the best outcomes for property issues.

We present options and strategies graphically so the client can better understand the options available.

“Paul has a set of skills rarely found in consultants, being a mix of creative and practical thinking. He has the capacity to address complex problems quickly, identify the key issues and parameters and offer solutions that are innovative, practical and answer a clients brief”

James Power MD Power Group of Companies


Areas of expertise

  • Broad and deep understanding of a wide range of property issues including design, planning, surveying construction and development 

  • Statuary & strategic planning

  • Development Approvals

  • Model Design

  • Brand & Design Guidelines

  • Master planning 

  • Clear verbal, written and graphical presentation of issues and findings 

  • Informed decisions as to whether to refurbish, redevelop or exit the property  

  • Consultant Selection

  • Workplace Planning & Culture

  • Asset realisations & Market positioning

  • Under performing or surplus assets

  • Research & Consultancy

  • Strategic planning advice

  • Portfolio reviews

  • Due diligence

  • Site Identification & Evaluation

  • Strategic Thinking  

  • Workshop facilitation for team or stakeholder engagement